Why should I bother testing anything?

  • 9 years ago
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  • Author: QEL
  1. Once you have a Suitable Test on a particular raw material, ingredient, blend or product you have produced then you can always affordably and independently scientifically validate whether a new batch is the same quality/activity and by how much it varies.

This means always being able to be sure that you are using, making, producing items that deliver consistent quality/activity every time.

  • Your reputation may be depending on something
  • You may want to be sure about a new supplier or ingredient you are using
  • You may want to know that each time you make something it’s as good as the last
  • You may want to check your storage system
  • You may want to check if an ‘expired’ item is still viable
  • Are things you grow, gather prepare consistent?

We can assist in your development projects by checking how different ingredients affect each other

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