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First Interview with Spicy Lemon Jazz (SLJ) …

Spicy Lemon Jazz was interviewed on Facebook:

QEL: Well Spicy Lemon Jazz how are you feeling now that you’ve proved you’re safe and reliable to be unleashed on EU citizens?

SLJ: Errr ummm err …

QEL: Oh I see, you’re embarrassed right?

SLJ: Err well yes a bit

QEL: Is it because you’re still naked?

SLJ: (Blushing) well sort of

QEL: Don’t you worry at all I’ve some lovely 100% biodegradable labels with eco friendly inks, 100% recycled bulk plastic containers and some beautiful refillable frosted glass and bamboo bottles!

SLJ: Oooh errr! Yes please!

Further interviews at the discretion of SLJ. If you have any questions you’d like QEL to put to SLJ then please enter them in the feedback form below. Thank you.

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Spicy Lemon Jazz Hand Sanitizer + Skin Conditioner

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