Phyto Genius Optimised Products

Introducing Natural Nasal Spray (NNS) …

Spicy Lemon Jazz was interviewed on Facebook:

NNS: Hey up yer nose!

QEL: Pardon?!!?

NNS: Ehhh don’t forget about me!

QEL: Ohhh yes err Natural Nasal Spray isn’t it?

NNS: That’s mi name, clearing noses mi game.

QEL: Hmmm I think we’ve another test to do on you? Didn’t you need a lot more refinement?

NNS: Whaddya mean I’m as fit as a fiddle me …

QEL: Ohhh yes I think you came across a bit too strong, that’s it definitely need to tone you down a bit more.

NNS: Well gerr on wi it!

QEL: I’m sure we can knock you into a more gentle user friendly shape …

NNS: At yer service I just love clearing noses me.

Err! Tests pending, coming soon folks, Natural Nasal Spray, a bit robust, practitioner only. Watch this space!

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