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Phyto Genius® Optimised Products

  • What Eco Friendly Bio Degradable Credentials Do You Have?
    • We can verify that:

      • All our labels/adhesive/film are made from materials that are certified as Bio Degradable
      • All our external boxes and internal packing materials are also certified as Bio Degradable. Brand names you may recognise are Loop packaging for instance
      • We have also chosen (where necessary) to use 100% recycled plastic bottles (made from existing recycled plastic waste)
      • We choose to use reusable/refillable glass (can also be endlessly recycled)/bamboo (Eco Friendly renewable material) containers to reduce plastic waste
      • Our product security seals are 100% Bio Degradable
      • We use web servers that are environmentally conscious
      • We try to use International Shipping rather than by air. We offer local collection options. We are hoping to introduce local delivery by electric car 

      We are far from perfect but from a leadership point of view we are committed to try to help reduce plastic waste

  • Why Are Phyto Genius® Products ‘Unique’? Active over Shelf Life?
    • We use many commonly available ingredients and components BUT we thoroughly explore each ingredient to ensure we use it at the optimal concentration (within the bounds of safety and therapeutic use)

      We also ensure due to synergy, that our formulations are optimised between each of the components they contain. Complicated but resulting in a unique blend that delivers a consistent activity

      Through testing our products and ingredients we can ensure that batch to batch consistency is maintained, meaning each batch delivers each time

      Our testing involves measuring total anti-oxidant capacity we can therefore verify that our products also have anti-oxidant properties

      Our products pass standard industry tests to ensure they remain fit to use and safe over life span


  • Are Phyto Genius® Products 100% ‘Natural’?
    • Yes!

      • We use only essential natural components, often certified Organic as much as possible
      • We don’t add any artificial chemicals, preservatives, fragrances or additives etc.
      • All our products pass current conventional safety assessments (CPSR) and PET (Preservative Efficiency) tests
      • We take care to make our packaging refillable/reusable and from renewable sources (Bamboo, Glass, 100% Recycled Plastics)
      • We take care to choose Eco Friendly and Bio Degradable labels, adhesive, films, internal and external packing materials


      It makes our products work better! Avoiding a ‘chemical’ burden effect. It actually makes you feel good!

      Through extensive testing we still ensure our products are fully safety and PET tested.


      We recommend you carefully clean and sterilise bottles/tops/containers before refilling when transferring product from original sealed packaging

      You may observe temporary ‘clouding’, texture changes etc. under certain environmental conditions which is perfectly normal as long the product is within it’s stated use date etc.

Qi Essence Ltd Testing Service

  • Why should I bother testing anything?
      1. Once you have a Suitable Test on a particular raw material, ingredient, blend or product you have produced then you can always affordably and independently scientifically validate whether a new batch is the same quality/activity and by how much it varies.

      This means always being able to be sure that you are using, making, producing items that deliver consistent quality/activity every time.

      • Your reputation may be depending on something
      • You may want to be sure about a new supplier or ingredient you are using
      • You may want to know that each time you make something it’s as good as the last
      • You may want to check your storage system
      • You may want to check if an ‘expired’ item is still viable
      • Are things you grow, gather prepare consistent?

      We can assist in your development projects by checking how different ingredients affect each other

      There are many exciting ways we can help and support you to achieve your goals all with total confidentiality

  • Can I use the test to claim Anti Oxidant properties for my material?
    • No. Health claims for anti oxidant properties/capacity can only be made once you have an ABEL-RAC score for your material which is extensive further testing performed by Knight Scientific Limited. If you require this service then we can refer you at a discount on their usual price.

      No marker, number or claim may be made for your material as a result of the test. You may want to say that you monitor materials for consistency of activity.

      Please note any test is particular to that batch/sample, comparisons can only be relative.

      Testing can indicate in a relative way how samples differ/are consistent.

  • What if I don’t understand the results?
    • We are happy by email to discuss and help you interpret the results you have received.

      You may also find it useful to read this:  YOUR RESULTS EXAMPLE PDF

  • What happens to the samples I send in?
    • Unless you’ve purchased the Premium service or requested and sent a postage paid return bag then after testing we destroy and dispose of your samples.

      Premium service means we store your samples for up to 3 months on our premises.

      If you have enclosed return postage costs (stamps, prepaid bag etc.) then we can return your samples to you.

  • Why is Testing not always available?
    • Tests are done in batches within one day to ensure samples and testing method remain consistent, otherwise deterioration may occur.

      Therefore to coincide with the testing window samples need to arrive at least a day before to be inspected and tested within the timescale specified.

      Tests can be ‘queued’ until the next batch of tests are ready to do.


  • What happens to tests I don’t use?
    • Once a Suitable Test is achieved then we stop.

      If you have unused tests then we can leave them as a credit for the future or start testing on another sample you have sent.

      You will have advised us beforehand on your preference.

  • What happens when I purchase tests and send samples in?
    • We check your samples and agree with you on how tests will proceed. If we have already tested the material in the medium you choose then we will automatically default to testing the material at the known dilution that achieved a Suitable Test (see One Test Wonder)

      Otherwise we will have agreed already how testing should proceed (see Getting a Suitable Test on Your Own Stuff).

      Actual graphs of test results are emailed to you showing, test result, dilution, % quenching against no sample control. See this example:  YOUR RESULTS EXAMPLE PDF

      Getting a One Test Wonder

      Check out our Suitable Tests in Da House List. If the material you want to test is listed then we can test your sample as per list with one test.

      Please note the testing is sensitive and relative, if your sample is much better or much worse than the original sample tested then this will be reflected. This may tell its own story … however it may also mean it’s outside a Suitable Test and need further testing to achieve this.

      Getting a Suitable Test on Your Own Stuff

      If there are materials, blends, products etc of your own that you’d like to regularly check for quality/activity then you need a Suitable Test on the item first as a baseline.

      When you send in such a sample we initially prepare a 1:10 dilution and test that. Depending on the result we then further dilute e.g. 1:100 to try to achieve a Suitable Test and so on. Once a Suitable Test is achieved then we stop.

      Therefore in this case it may be better that you initially buy more tests at a cheaper rate so we can immediately proceed towards a Suitable Test.

      Any tests remaining could be used to start work on a second sample you have sent or we can simply leave any remaining tests as a credit on your account.

      Please note testing of different dilutions needs to be done immediately/the same day so we usually agree how to proceed with you beforehand. You can also add these details to the Order Notes if you prefer.

      Suitable Test: You receive actual output graphs of all tests done each showing test result, dilution and % quenching against no sample control. A Suitable Test means similar/same material can always be retested in future and % deviation noted.

      Puzzled? Get in touch: info@qiessence.co.uk to ask us how best to proceed

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