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Suitable TestSuitable Tests for One Test Wonders

Please find a list of herbal materials and mediums below which have already been tested by us and achieved a Suitable Test

Therefore unless you state otherwise we will automatically default to testing these materials in these mediums at the Suitable Test dilution to save you money and our time.

Please note the tests are very sensitive and batch specific:

  • If the quality/activity of your sample is high then you may need further dilutions to obtain a Suitable Test as Saturation, or >90% quenching may result
  • If the quality/activity of your sample is poor e.g. Damaged, contaminated, poor identification etc. Then again further dilutions may be needed to obtain a Suitable Test as Pro-oxidant activity or <50% quenching may result

Or you may find that the above tells it’s own story… However please note that to compare in the future a Suitable Test is needed on that batch.

Please also note:

Correct identification of samples/materials you send in is your responsibility. We are not offering an identification service of your materials/samples

Test results may vary enormously depending on the medium they are tested in. Choose the medium most suitable to your application: Purified water or ethanol or both

Each test is batch specific and relative, to be able to compare the same batch at a later date then a Suitable Test is needed on that batch. The test is relative and sensitive therefore testing similar samples/materials may give a range of results.

The % deviation is a relative guideline only against previous tests not an absolute measure of quality/activity. If you require absolute testing then we can refer you to Knight Scientific Limited at a reduced rate, please contact us

Some materials may naturally have low scores (low anti-oxidant capacity, AOC) anyway and give low results e.g. Some medicinal mushrooms

Each test includes a no sample control in the medium the sample is tested in. Each test at each dilution, each medium is charged for. Therefore if you need further tests at different dilutions/mediums then you need to purchase sufficient tests. Further testing of the same sample needs to be done immediately/same day to ensure consistent comparison.

We prepare samples/materials in a standard way, once prepared testing within the same day ensures minimal deterioration of the prepared sample and suitable results for you.

We can store your materials on our premises (see Premium Testing Service) to test at a later date to observe any changes

Suitable Tests List - In House

Material Name (Latin)Material Name (Common)FormatMediumABEL Test

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