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Alchemy? Herbalists’ Magic? No Just Synergy …


Herbal Medicine is magic isn’t it? Cloaked in mysterious methods past finding out except to a few in the know?

Magic can be measured!

Yes it’s called synergy!

What is Synergy?

Using our Herbal Materials Testing Service you can check how two herbs affect each other. The secret of the herbalist is combination, believe it or not by mixing the correct herbs together a greater activity than the sum of each can be obtained … Magic? No! Due to the multiplicity of chemical ‘soup’ each herb contains then using wisdom it can be shown that different dilutions of the same plant and mixtures can give different readings.

+ or – ?

Synergy can be positive (+) or negative (-).

In positive synergy combining A and B results in something greater: C

Isn’t C just A and B added together? No! With positive synergy A and B can mutually ‘boost’ each other and C is better than the sum of A and B:

A = 2 (Anti Oxidant capacity – AOC)

B = 3 (AOC)

C = 7! (AOC)

AOC can also vary just by diluting the material in a non linear way, even resulting in a negative result.

In negative synergy combining A and B results in -C which means that A and B adversely affect each others’ activity to the point that C is worse:

A = 2 (Anti Oxidant capacity – AOC)

B = 3 (AOC)

C = 1! (AOC)

This means C is actually ‘generating’ Free radicles and is called Pro-oxidant

The same thing can happen when the material is diluted – a Pro-oxidant result may be achieved

Why is this useful? 

This means that you can minimise the amount of herbal material needed to be combined to get a certain level of activity. Or you can eliminate herbal material that is adversely affecting, or change dilution to ensure the mixture is delivering maximum activity.

We call this Optimisation

Qi Essence Ltd are committed to producing and making Optimised Products and blends, delivering consistent activity levels over shelf life. Since overall activity can be scientifically measured then products with proved activity can be delivered – a herbalists dream!

Your Own Development

You can of course use our Herbal Materials Testing Services to develop and create your special blends, testing to ensure they always deliver.