Each ingredient quality and activity checked ensuring product delivers guaranteed consistent activity per batch over lifespan: better results always for you

Our Herbal Materials Scientifically Validated Testing Service 🧪

optimised blends herbal medicine testing service

Herbal Materials Scientifically Validated Testing Service

Licensed exclusive provider for all herbalists, herbal medicine makers etc. running small businesses. Please read our Information Sheet thoroughly to familiarise yourself with our Testing Services:

Purchase Tests (via Qi Essence Ltd – Prices + VAT)

Get a Suitable Test on something you’re depending on now. Scientifically validate the activity/quality of something you care about.

  • Our Service is totally confidential
  • We perform reliability checks on all the testing we do

If You Want To:

  • Find out the optimal concentration to use a particular item (Please note this would ALWAYS be overridden by any SAFETY considerations)
  • Explore how various items influence each other in a particular mixture or blend – do they mutually boost or negate?
  • Find out if new batches are of equivalent quality/activity to original known good reference items. Or compare two items to each other.
  • Find out if any particular item is still viable

Ask us if you need advice: info@qiessence.co.uk


7. Why should I bother testing anything?

Once you have a Suitable Test on a particular raw material, ingredient, blend or product you have produced then you can always affordably and independently scientifically validate whether a new batch is the same quality/activity and by how much it varies.

  • This means always being able to be sure that you are using, making, producing items that deliver consistent quality/activity every time.
  • Your reputation may be depending on something
  • You may want to be sure about a new supplier or ingredient you are using
  • You may want to know that each time you make something it’s as good as the last
  • You may want to check your storage system
  • You may want to check if an ‘expired’ item is still viable
  • Are things you grow, gather prepare consistent?
  • We can assist in your development projects by checking how different ingredients affect each other

There are many exciting ways we can help and support you to achieve your goals all with total confidentiality using our Herbal Materials Scientifically Validated Testing Service.

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