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Fifth Interview with Spicy Lemon Jazz (SLJ) …

Spicy Lemon Jazz was interviewed on Facebook:

QEL: Powerful!

SLJ: Is that me?

QEL: Yes, after many, many, many, many dilutions you’re still going, I haven’t found your bottom yet.

SLJ: So there’s no end to my bottom?

QEL: Well there will be, most things in life are finite unless you’re divine, but I don’t want to philosophise.

SLJ: Okay

QEL: It does explain a few things though:

⚫️ Why only a little of you is needed to have an effect

⚫️ Maybe why age spots on my hands are changing colour

⚫️ Why there’s a deeper immediate impact on skin barrier (SB)

SLJ: So my bottom isn’t big in this?

QEL: It’s tiny.

Continuing to scientifically explore SLJ’s total anti-oxidant capacity …

QEL: Coming soon folks! Want to preorder : for priority treatment:

Spicy Lemon Jazz Hand Sanitizer + Skin Conditioner

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