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Home of Unique Optimised Products | Herbal Materials Testing Service

We provide two key things in the world of herbal medicine materials to help you:

Phyto Genius®️Phyto Genius Optimised Products

Unique Optimised Scientifically Validated Products

  • Eco Friendly Bio Degradable Packaging
  • Organic certified ingredients as much as possible
  • Anti-Oxidant 100% Natural Components
  • Made with Science and Love Scientifically Validated
  • Comply fully on Safety, PET etc. to current standards

Our aim is to create products that work from first application with guaranteed activity over shelf life with no ‘chemical burden’ so you feel better!


Qi Essence Ltdoptimised blends herbal medicine testing service

Herbal Materials Testing Service

  • Measure herbal materials Quality/Activity using Total Anti-Oxidant Capacity
  • Get a Suitable Test to use as a future Reference to Compare
  • Find the Optimal concentration of use of your herbal materials
  • Check for Optimisation between one or more herbal materials
  • Check for batch to batch consistency of your product
  • Check out new suppliers/ingredients herbal materials
  • Test your storage system
  • Scientifically Validate your formulations

Our aim is to help you explore the quality/activity and validate your herbal materials with confidence at a reasonable economic cost.


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We hope you enjoy our Home of Unique Optimised Products | Herbal Materials Testing Service provided under our trademark Phyto Genius®️ and delivered by our company Qi Essence Ltd.

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