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Data Processing Technician 

Main purpose of job 

To securely, accurately, precisely and quickly process raw data (csv files) provided into templates (Excel spreadsheets/graphsprovided to produce reports using mainly Excel spreadsheets/Google docs etc. Creative/presentation input skills welcomed. A zero hours position, forming part of a pool of similar workers.  

Main duties 

  1. Complete competence and confidence in working with spreadsheets and data/graphs in e.g. Excel, Google Sheets etc. is a necessary requirement, accessing and submitting work securely via an internet connection is expected. 
  2. As the work is confidential in nature a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) will also exist as part of any work/data provided and need to be signed. Normal Data Protection procedures will be applied in the receiving, processing and transmitting of the work/data provided. All data and work completed remains the property of Qi Essence Ltd. 
  3. The following skills are also expected:


  • Being able to work under pressure.  
  • Having IT skills.  
  • Being able to work to deadlines.  
  • Having interpersonal abilities.  
  • Having excellent writing communication skills.  
  • Having high attention to details.  
  • Having good English and Maths skills.  
  • Being aware of safety issues.  
  • Being accurate.  
  • Being self motivated. 
  1. Job Location 

Normally you will be expected to work from home (must be based in Cumbria) where you will have ensured beforehand that your normal working environment meets current Health and Safety guidelines (See Employment Handbook) for the type of work offered. You will be required to satisfactorily complete and meet the requirements of such a Health and Safety assessment before any work can be offered. If required you will attend Qi Essence Ltd premises as needed. It is expected and understood that any use of internet, broadband, phone, computers or any other facilities within your home are fully covered by you as reasonable to complete the work provided and will not be reimbursed by Qi Essence Ltd. 

Recruitment Process

We are looking to recruit a small number of highly competent, reliable employees who can be available at their convenience to assist us in processing the raw data generated into meaningful results for ourselves and anonymised customers. 

If you think you are a suitable candidate and can be an asset to us then please follow these steps:

  • Create an account – You will then receive a Job Application form and Health and Safety Assessment form to complete. Optionally you may also fill in and return our Equality and Diversity Monitoring form
  • Return your completed forms to the address/email address below BEFORE 22nd December 2017
  • Interviews in January 2018 with suitable candidates being offered the position subject to suitable final checks
  • Induction training (paid) Rate of pay: £7.50 – £8.50 per hour. Zero hours contract.

Reporting to 

Lorraine Hodgkinson (Director) Qi Essence Ltd 

43A, Melbreak Avenue, Ltd, Cockermouth, Cumbria, CA13 9AE. UK.

Tel: 01900 826392 Mobile: 07761489838  

Email: info@qiessence.co.uk 

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