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Testing Service Mythbuster #2 – NO ‘name’ and ‘shame’


If you can check the quality/activity of herbal materials then some companies/products could be exposed … !

Mythbuster #2

There is NO motivation to ‘name’ and ‘shame’ any particular companies or products. We do not exist to ‘name’ and ‘shame’ any companies or products. Only to offer our help to you!

Our service is totally confidential

The primary purpose is to offer an affordable scientifically validated testing service for our users to check the quality/activity of their herbal materials, ingredients, products, storage etc. for consistency of quality/activity and assist in development.

All testing is ‘relative’ and batch specific.

Herbal materials are wonderfully complex, can vary enormously in where and how they are grown season to season.

Harvesting, processing, storage also have major effects on final quality/activity, and of course contamination, damage, natural processes of ageing, temperature and humidity all play a significant part.

Therefore you need to know you are buying, producing, growing, using herbal materials that measure up to a particular consistent level or ‘baseline’ or ‘standard’ that you have established and find acceptable.

This is good for everyone!

We look forward to receiving your herbal materials to test and helping you verify what you do.

Yes you may reject certain materials if they perform poorly and inform sources and suppliers. You may also find brilliant batches of stuff that excel every time.

At least you’ll have the knowledge and wisdom to tell the difference.

If your reputation is counting on something then testing can confirm and affirm.

REMEMBER: If the material has exhausted all its anti-oxidant capacity (AOC) then it’s fit for nothing, useless – find out! See Mythbuster #1

We welcome all herbal medicine makers, herbalists and other enlightened souls running small businesses the opportunity to test your herbal materials with confidence, as the exclusive provider to these groups:

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Sweet dreaming!



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