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Eighth Interview with Spicy Lemon Jazz (SLJ) …

Spicy Lemon Jazz was interviewed on Facebook:

QEL: So you’re a ‘Wash Off’ item?

SLJ: Yes, it’s by far the best way to control viruses and bacteria. It means your hands are really clean.

QEL: So should people use on contact alcohol based hand sanitisers?

SLJ: Yes great when no water handy, it just means dead viruses and potential damage to your lovely skin barrier.

QEL: So I need to wash off all the dead stuff then protect and nourish my skin barrier?

SLJ: Yes! In fact that’s what I’m designed for. It means everyone can wash and wash and wash all day long and just have lovely soft clean hands.

QEL: Okay that’s very important at the moment and I love having soft conditioned hands.

SLJ: I’m also anti-oxidant and completely made from only optimised natural materials, it’s my secret.

QEL: Not so secret now! So there’s nothing to dry, damage or deaden my skin?

SLJ: No, I just rip the fat off the virus and it’s finished, it’s bits get totally washed away. I hate it.

QEL: Err okay I think we’ll leave it there … !

QEL: Coming soon folks! Want to preorder : for priority treatment:

Spicy Lemon Jazz Hand Sanitizer + Skin Conditioner

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