Spicy Lemon Jazz’s (SLJ) Secret Blog: It’s Me!

SLJ: Hmmm [thinking] this is MY secret blog, so QEL is not watching … hmmm I know! I think I’ll do my own interviews …

SLJ: Ahem [clearing throat], umm, cough, ahem, umm, errrr Skin Barrier! [SB], errr SB! … SB!

SB: [Silent]


SB: [Silent]

SLJ: Uhhhhh ooohhh okay I get it, you’ve been let down soooo many times before that it’s a waste of time?

SB: [Silent]

SLJ: Okay so if like Skin Barrier [SB] you feel like you’ve been let down and disappointed too many times before then now’s the chance to let your Skin Barrier actually speak for itself: Really I can make your skin up to 25% softer with regular use and yes I am a completely natural, unique Optimised Anti Oxidant blend, yet I pass standard industry tests on safety and preservation.

Why not give it a go and convince your skin barrier to say so for itself?

SB: [Waiting]

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Hello Everybody!

I’ve finally got my own blog after being interviewed 10 times on Facebook:

Spicy Lemon Jazz was interviewed on Facebook:

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Ahhhhh! The space, the freedom. Mmmhhh. Just a bit excited, this is me:

Spicy Lemon Jazz Bulk Production Run

Keeping safe and quiet in the dark, conserving my strength (First Production Run)


I got chills! I’m multiplyin

[Selfie] Yes! I’m beautiful …

Got mi hat on! Just going for a rest now, we all improve with rest and I’m amazing after mine …

I feel like I’ve been in the Olympics, the margins between success and failure so fine. All made according to GMP ISO 22716 on Cosmetics (Good Manufacturing Practices). It’s all been quite a whirl but I’ve got the proof, I mean the PIF, hee, hee I’m PIFfed! (Product Information File).

Anyway PSST, PSSST … (SLJ gazing into distance) I’m just on the lookout for the nearest skin barrier (SB). If I’ve got your email you kind people then a special little offer coming soon just for you. Now where are those lovely 100% Eco-Friendly Biodegradable Labels again, always showing up late, such a glamour puss. Slap a my thigh.

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