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Sixth Interview with Spicy Lemon Jazz (SLJ) …

Spicy Lemon Jazz was interviewed on Facebook:

QEL: So SLJ can you tell us, have you any fears?

SLJ: I might be too good and that the printer will never arrive …

QEL: ? I know what you mean about the printer, it’s the viruses fault.

SLJ: I know, I hate it.

QEL: So is it the fact that you can make hands feel up to 25% softer after 3-4 weeks daily use working from the first use?

SLJ: Yes, people might not like it, it might be too unusual.

QEL: Well if they are using alcohol based sanitiser and good ole soap and water in between …

SLJ: I suppose that might reduce my effect a bit.

QEL: For people who need to wash hands very regularly it will only help, in fact a well conditioned skin barrier will protect better and silky soft hands will only encourage more washing.

SLJ: I suppose so.

QEL: Come on give us a twirl.

SLJ:  [twirls] I’m not sticky,

[twirls] I’m not greasy,

[twirls] I leave no residue,

[twirls] I’m 100% natural,

[twirls] I get better with every use and skin barrier loves me!

I feel better now!

QEL: Don’t worry, I like you and my clean silky 25% softer hands do too!

SLJ: Thank you!

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