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Qi Essence Ltd are committed to producing scientifically validated functional products using a process of optimised blends. This means that each ingredient is checked for quality and activity ensuring that the overall blend always delivers a particular quality of activity over its lifespan. Natural products naturally vary enormously so we ensure consistent activity per batch meaning better results each time for you: Optimised Products | Scientifically Validated Herbal Materials.

We are committed where possible to using certified organic ingredients and avoiding chemical preservatives. Make no mistake preservatives are essential to product safety and all our products pass standard tests as laid down by current regulations.

We hope you enjoy finding out about using our natural solutions to your everyday problems.

Herbal Materials Testing Service

As a licensed provider to herbalists, herbal medicine makers running small businesses we are pleased to support you by offering at reasonable economic rates access to our Scientifically Validated Herbal Materials Testing Services. This provides you with a way to monitor your storage system, ensure each ingredient you grow, make, gather, buy is as good as the last. A scientifically validated way to ensure any items you produce are always of comparable quality and activity etc. Please check out full details here.
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Qi Essence Product Development Pathway would not be possible without help and funding from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.

This funding is enabling Qi Essence Ltd to fully optimise and develop two new optimised products, paving the way for continued successful development of further products via the pathway and offer a valuable economical level testing service to other similar businesses:

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