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Second Interview with Spicy Lemon Jazz (SLJ) …

Spicy Lemon Jazz was interviewed on Facebook:

QEL: Okay SLJ can you introduce yourself and tell us about you!

SLJ: Ummmh errr

QEL: Just be yourself

SLJ: Well errr I’m clean, I mean and I clean errr what I mean is I’m an all natural cleaning thing ummmh

QEL: And?

SLJ: Well I work with you, helping your natural skin barrier so the more I’m used err hem the better it gets, skin barrier and me get along really well, I like it, it likes me.

QEL: And how does skin barrier (SB) feel about this relationship?

SLJ: In a good mood! Feels all silky smooth and clean. Personally I think it’s looking a bit younger too, but I’m maybe biased.

QEL: Do you think SB could get a bit too much of you?

SLJ: Oh no we’re made for each other SB loves me and I love SB.

QEL: Do you think all SB would like you?

SLJ: Well officially I’m only approved for grown up SB (not suitable for persons less than 3 years old, rest okay!) and when we’re introduced we have to be sure we’re both happy or we can’t go ahead (something about potential allergy?!?).

QEL: What do you think about good ole soap and water?

SLJ: Well good at the cleaning stuff if you can be bothered to rub away long enough but I have heard that SB suffers a bit …

QEL: Okay SLJ well thanks for that I think we know what you’re about now, by the way what about Palm Oil?

SLJ: (Slight shudder) I’m Palm Oil free wouldn’t touch it at the moment until the world gets back on track. Bye.

QEL: Alright thanks again SLJ good to know. Bye, bye for now.

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