Are Phyto Genius® Products 100% ‘Natural’?

  • 9 years ago
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  • Author: QEL


  • We use only essential natural components, often certified Organic as much as possible
  • We don’t add any artificial chemicals, preservatives, fragrances or additives etc.
  • All our products pass current conventional safety assessments (CPSR) and PET (Preservative Efficiency) tests
  • We take care to make our packaging refillable/reusable and from renewable sources (Bamboo, Glass, 100% Recycled Plastics)
  • We take care to choose Eco Friendly and Bio Degradable labels, adhesive, films, internal and external packing materials


It makes our products work better! Avoiding a ‘chemical’ burden effect. It actually makes you feel good!

Through extensive testing we still ensure our products are fully safety and PET tested.


We recommend you carefully clean and sterilise bottles/tops/containers before refilling when transferring product from original sealed packaging

You may observe temporary ‘clouding’, texture changes etc. under certain environmental conditions which is perfectly normal as long the product is within it’s stated use date etc.