What Eco Friendly Bio Degradable Credentials Do You Have?

  • 9 years ago
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  • Author: QEL

We can verify that:

  • All our labels/adhesive/film are made from materials that are certified as Bio Degradable
  • All our external boxes and internal packing materials are also certified as Bio Degradable. Brand names you may recognise are Loop packaging for instance
  • We have also chosen (where necessary) to use 100% recycled plastic bottles (made from existing recycled plastic waste)
  • We choose to use reusable/refillable glass (can also be endlessly recycled)/bamboo (Eco Friendly renewable material) containers to reduce plastic waste
  • Our product security seals are 100% Bio Degradable
  • We use web servers that are environmentally conscious
  • We try to use International Shipping rather than by air. We offer local collection options. We are hoping to introduce local delivery by electric car 

We are far from perfect but from a leadership point of view we are committed to try to help reduce plastic waste